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€35 Australia 2359 WPTS

La version française de cet article, par Christophe This data base of anchorage waypoints and navigation aids was created during the three years SY L’Envol sailed around Australia. Just like with the two previous projects of South Pacific Ocean crossing and sailing through Patagonia, a part of our preparation for …

Zeilen Oct. 2020 Ideale vertrekkersboot_Couv

Zeilen Oct. 2020

Paru en octobre 2020 dans le magazine néerlandais Zeilen, un article de Janneke Kuysters et Wietze Van Der Laan sur le voilier idéal. Ci-dessous l’article original en néerlandais et sa traduction en anglais. In January 2020 our friends from SY Anna Caroline, sailors, journalists and bloggers Janneke and Wietze, contacted …


€35 South Pacific 2049 WPTS

La version française de cet article, par Christophe The South Pacific Ocean, especially its western part, offers sailors an incredible amount of possible routes and stops. In this maze of islands one will inevitably encounter «crossroads» with the important question of which way to go: Once in French Polynesia, would …

Letters in a bottle_26_Couv


Letter to Mum, written when L’Envol was moored at latitude 41 degrees South, in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, could have included this tale… but didn’t. Opposite Latitude saw light in the process of translating the letter from Estonian into English, curiously so when three years later we were based at …

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€35 Patagonia 1275 WPTS

La version française de cet article, par Christophe Those intending to sail the Patagonian Channels will soon learn about the invaluable resource of Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide, also known as the «Blue Bible», complement to which is RCC Chile Cruising Guide from Imray. During our northbound voyage …