Zeilen Oct. 2020

Paru en octobre 2020 dans le magazine néerlandais Zeilen, un article de Janneke Kuysters et Wietze Van Der Laan sur le voilier idéal. Ci-dessous l’article original en néerlandais et sa traduction en anglais.

In January 2020 our friends from SY Anna Caroline, sailors, journalists and bloggers Janneke and Wietze, contacted us and fourteen other sailing boats to complete their annual research project for Dutch magazine Zeilen. The article was to be called: « The perfect cruising boat » and discuss weather or not such a thing exists. Together with others were asked to make a short description of our boat to show her most important aspects, plusses and compromises as well as give a slogan and a photo. From these 15 participating boats, 8 fly Dutch flags, 1 South African, 1 Swedish, 1 Falklands, 2 French and 2 Belgian. The article was due to be published in May, but with the pandemic the topic was probably found inappropriate.

We are happy to share with you « The perfect cruising boat does not exist » which finally saw light in October. Small world – out of fourteen boats described, we have met three – Anna Caroline, Impi and Morgane!

Find below the original article in Dutch and translation into English.

Thank you Janneke and Wietze for this work.

L’article en néerlandais / The article in Dutch (PDF) :

Ideale vertrekkersboot

Ideale vertrekkersboot

Traduction en anglais / English translation (PDF) :

The perfect cruising boat

The perfect cruising boat

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