Current Project:
«Around Australia»

Start of crowdfunding: January 27, 2019

Goal: to circumnavigate Australia in a 25 foot yacht.

Time limit: one year (counting from arrival in Australia on June 15, 2019), then becoming two years as the country closed her interstate borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

See the map and check out how it is all going.

Participate by supporting sy L’Envol and her crew with a donation:

or via bank transfer IBAN


Funds gathered (by May 10, 2020):

1985 Euros

Thank you: Bruno, Laurent, Gwendal, Paulo, Patrick, William, Phil & Nad, Pa’ & Mam’, Christophe Henry, Jojo & Cécile, Jérôme S, Jean-Paul, Jérôme L, Vonvon, Tantine



Previous projects:

2017-2018. «Dress her up!»: Antifouling and new sails for sy L’Envol. Carried out in Fiji and New Caledonia. Funds gathered: 2120 Euros.

Thank you: Jojo & Cécile, Julian, Siiri, Little Ship Club, Riki, Mam’, Phil & Nad, Jean-Paul, Phillip, François, Jean, Jacques & Sophie, Patrick L, Jérôme S, Luca, Jérôme L, Alex, Vonvon, Etienne, Chris, Renat, Philippe C, Patrick G, Auré, Tchouky, Pierre, Philippe B, Stéphane

2016-2017. «Fit as a fiddle»: Many boatworks carried out on sy L’Envol in Tahiti. Funds gathered: 1100 Euros. Material support: 3300 Euros.

Thank you: Henri, Jean, Daniel, Vladimir, Stéphane & Anne, Jojo & Cécile, Geneviève, Pierre


2016. «Provisioning»: Astronomical prices in French Polynesia inspire the crew of sy L’Envol to start their first crowdfunding appeal. Funds gathered: 625 Euros.

Thank you: Daniel, Stephane, Phil & Nad, Jérôme, Pa’

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